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Devine Soups n More

About Us

Devine Soups n More

We are a locally owned specialty food brand that focuses on offering healthy and delicious food options that are steeped in aromatic, Caribbean flavors. 

Through the use of medicinal herbs and ingredients to infuse our delicious creations with healing properties which our existing clients have come to rely upon, our soup and meal options are created to enrich the lives of customers both locally and abroad.  

Every delectable Devine Soups n More creation is made with a genuine desire to spread love and healing through our unique food products that are unavailable elsewhere.

At the present time, we offer our soups and meals packaged frozen to maintain freshness and quality. Our next step will be expanding online sales and wholesale orders to other food businesses. 

Devine Soups n More is on the move and looking forward to expansion in this upcoming year.

Meet the "N More" behind Devine Soups


Virgin Islands (Br) born Malcia Smith Hamilton has always been intrigued by diverse cultural cuisines and she finds immense pleasure in experimenting with food. Her cuisine is an eclectic combination of Caribbean infused flavors. Malcia doesn’t refer to herself as chef; rather she believes she’s a “spiritual culinary messenger”. After the devastating loss of her sister to a short illness, Malcia set out to live a happier, healthier, and purposeful existence.

Devine Soups n More started out as a catering company but has evolved into vessel through which waves of positive energy and agape love are transferred through her culinary creations. Devine products can be found at various markets in and around Metro Atlanta, as well as online for pickup. We are expanding and will be offering prepared meal packages with delivery and shipping options. Stay tuned to Devine Soups n More, there is so much more on the horizon…

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